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Medical Centre (BM Sanatorium)
Indications of a bathcure in Hévíz are:
  • Rheumatics locomotor diseases in all degenerative form (arthrosis,spondylosis,spondylarthrosis,discopathy), backbone diseases, (rheumatoid arthritis,polyarthritis,PCP,spondylarthritis,Bechterew disease) different muscle diseases, bone breaks, operation post treatment, ischialgie, polyneuropathy, püaresis, etc.
A bathcure is forbidden by the following diseases:
  • Malignant tumour, different heart diseases, high blood pressure, celebral sclerosis, different varicose vains, acute inflamed diseases, leukemia, anemia, haemophilia, lungasthma,
    epilepsia, Adams-Stokes symdrom, chronic liverdiseases, any thyroid gland diseases, pregnancy, diabetes if it is not accordingly treated.