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Medical Centre (BM Sanatorium)

The thermal water, the natural environments factors, the climate and the spezial location of the Sanatorium - within the right technical backgrounds is very important in the recovery of the patients. The ideal duration of stay is between 14-21 nights.

Medical treatments:

Therapy including medical services:
Electrotherapy: iontoforesis, magnetotherapy, musclestimulation, ultrasound, inhalation, magnetic ring, galvanium, hidrodyn, corposano treatment..
Hydrotherapy: carbonic bath, whirlpool bath.
Balneotherapy: weigthbath, healing water, mudpack, health water,
Different packs: mudpack, ritex-, antiflogistic pack.
Single or group remedial exercises, which could be done underwater as well.
Hangingsgrate from Nürnberg, massage. Solarium,
IGH kinesic therapy.

Free-paying services:
PMT magnetic therapy,
bioptron lamp, anticellulitis massage, hot-stone massage,

Other services:
Diet advice/consultation, diet plan, diet kitchen.

Indications of a bathcure in Hévíz